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Digital Signage is a digital information display(DID) solution using an LCD/PDP to provide ads and information. It is applicable to a company, public organization, school, department store or retail shop. It is s very effective information display device that can guide the visitors through events, products, and office tours. Applicable digital contents include video, flash, images, text, and PPT Shows. Using the internet, it can provide the information of weather, stock prices and news in real time. Compared to the existing panel type of displays, digital signage is much more effective in making the customers pay attention to it. It provides the real time information and it can organize a conversational type of scenario. Selection of a software solution for contents management in a digital sign system is a mandatory item as well as contents making. ENSI information technology allows the customers with low initial investments to organize an ads network by utilizing our total solution ranged from the design to implementation, hardware supply and contents making.

Standalone Type

A standalone type is a digital signage display solution for a single shop.

  • Features
  • Flexible and dynamic digital signage configuration
  • Page based contents magement and editing tools
  • Image, image slide,text crawl and roll text support
  • Play Video, flash, RSS, Web page
  • Layer based object management External device support(Web Camera, TV tuner etc)
  • Live animation and PIP support
  • Representative Application
  • In-Store Branding
  • Lobby Entertainment
  • Hospitality and Franchise
  • Restautant
  • Cosmetics Shop
  • Benefits
  • Communicate and interact with customers
  • Cut costs, and differentiate brands

Network Type

A network type is a solution for you to install and manage displays at multiple places that are physically separated from each other and to use the internet to manage media players. On an administrator’s PC, you can set multiple players as one group which is the destination for transmission of the same contents at the same time. In addition, you can group several players into several groups which are the destinations for transmission of different contents.

  • Features
  • Manage multiple digital signage in your office
  • remote signage control through IP network
  • Manage player groups and contents transmission
  • Remote monitoring digital signage status
  • On/off control, reboot, report
  • Don’t need dedicated server
  • Representative Application
  • Franchise main office
  • University digital builtin board
  • Public office
  • Benefits
  • Initial cost minimize through direct contents distribution
  • Easy to manage multiple digital signages/signage group

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