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ENSI Information Technology’s e-margin plus POS system provides the ASP services for small shops. A owner of a small shop or 3 to 4 shops can minimize the initial investment costs and reduce the operational costs in this standardized POS system.

ENSI Information Technology’s e-margin foodie POS system provides the POS solution for a restaurant or a service business. It provides the standard version for a single shop and it can interconnect with the POS system exclusively for ordering. All the sales related data can be stored in a local database or in a server through the network.

ENSI Information Technology’s e-margin plus POS system can be utilized as a sales management system for a golfer or shoes shop. Using the product registration function or a bar code, you can register a product or processes it as a sold product. To facilitate perfect inventory management of expensive products, periodic inventory examination is carried out.

  • WebPOS is a solution for the HQ of a distribution company or franchise to manage many branches or agents using the internet. Multiple POS systems can be successfully integrated.
  • All the transactions occurring at the branches are stored in a server of the internet in real time. A manager of HQ or branch can analyze the revenue, check the inventory, process orders and investigate the withdrawals and deposit details.
  • To protect the customer information safely, Samsung IDC is operating the servers. The firewall system is operating to respond to external threats. Daily data backup can provide the best service and protect the customer information.

  • ENSI Information Technology provide customized solutions for your business environment. Using the POS system, you can process the business of your single shop. However, if you are involved in a large distribution company or a manufacturer for both sales and manufacturing, then you need interconnections with the customer management business, order handling, marketing data mining and accounting systems in addition to the traditional POS functions.
  • With our experiences in customizing projects for many years, we can provide the customized POS system for you to interconnect with the existing systems.
  • The customizing area relies on discussion with the person in charge, from SMS, LMS transmission for customer management to sales profit analysis, reporting functions suitable for your business and OLAP analysis for marketers.
  • We can interconnect your back end systems(ERP,SCM,CRM) with a POS system focusing on sales management.

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